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Lonely Shroom

A single toadstool on our lawnToadstool and leaf! 004 lonely shroom

Fresh White

A beautiful white flower at our  place.White flower website

Purple Agapanthus

A purple agapanthus in our gardenaggy (website)

Wild Oat Sunrise

This Shot was taken of the sunrise on Christmas Eve on our farm. It is a strand of wild oats against the sunrise.Wild Oats (Website with watermark)

Wood Shaving

Again at my friends house. he found it and we decided to take a photo of it. Not sure what it is, I think it is wood shaving. (someone I knew thought it was a cigarette butt!!)WoodCurl (Website(Watermark))

Red Fragrance

A beautiful red rose in my friend’s garden.

Rose (Website(Watermark))