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Brachyscome Multifida

I love this one! It is a Brachyscome Multifida, common names include cut-leaved daisy, rocky daisy, and Hawkesbury daisy (Wikipedia). This photo was also taken in the National Botanic Gardens in Canberra.508 Brachyscome Multifidia


This is a photograph of a Chamelaucium, also known as “Waxflower” taken from the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra505 web Chamelaucium

Little Beauty

This little beauty was found among many others in one of our garden.Wattle, pencil pine, other flowers 030 web

Gum leaf

This gum leaf was innocently swaying in a light zephyr. I got down and sort of sat under the leaf and took the snap looking up.Wattle, pencil pine, other flowers 029 web

Purple Delight

There is this beautiful plant in our garden. It has the most gorgeous violet flowers. We also have a white variety, but I like this variety best. This is the very first photo of this bush I have taken and it was the best!Wattle, pencil pine, other flowers 011 web

Budding Easter Lily

I love shooting in the rain! (It’s Ok! Shooting pics with cameras!!) An Easter Lily Budding around Easter time. (I’m assuming that’s where its got its name!)rain drops on plants 025 web

Pinky Perfect

I really like this one. It is a miniature rose after it has been raining. I think the pink goes very well with the green leafy backgroundrain drops on plants 010 web

Dead Wonder

A piece of dead wood… How interesting. Well… yes. I think it is. This snap was taken looking ‘up’ at a dead branch on a gum tree. Not certain but I think I had it on ‘portrait’ setting and then I set it to vivid.Dead Wood web

White Agapanthus

This is a white agapanthus. I made the photo black and white and then made the stigma yellow.Flowers (mainly Aussie day) 046 web

Spectacular Yellow

Hi Everyone!

It’s about time another photo was put up on my blog! Well, this one as you can see, is a yellow flower. This yellow flower is from a Jerusalem Artichoke.  They have just started to bloom. (The roots multiply every year and now, there are heaps of plants!) The flowers  are very cute, but when the roots are ready to eat, after the flowers have died and it comes to washing them… oh boy! They are so knobbly and are very difficult to clean. You have to scrub them quite well. We will probably not eat them all.

I took quite a few snaps  of the flowers  but only the best go on my blog!Jerusalem Artichoke Flowers 014 web