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Cute little Jonquil


Imagine walking along and finding this little cutie of a flower. Would you pick it and put it in a vase on your dining room table or just have a quick look? Well, I had the camera around my neck so I decided to take a photo (typical me!). This little jonquil has a real “cute” appearance and amazing colour! It must have known that I was coming.Wattle, pencil pine, other flowers 022 web

Budding Easter Lily

I love shooting in the rain! (It’s Ok! Shooting pics with cameras!!) An Easter Lily Budding around Easter time. (I’m assuming that’s where its got its name!)rain drops on plants 025 web

Pinky Perfect

I really like this one. It is a miniature rose after it has been raining. I think the pink goes very well with the green leafy backgroundrain drops on plants 010 web

Pink Power

A pink flower in our garden.  Sorry, Not sure what its name 126 web

Lonely Shroom

A single toadstool on our lawnToadstool and leaf! 004 lonely shroom

Posing Grasshopper

A grasshopper on a rose petal. Pretty cool huh?Grasshopper 005 blog

Water Droplets

Water droplets on a rose leaf.rain drops web

Wild Oat Sunrise

This Shot was taken of the sunrise on Christmas Eve on our farm. It is a strand of wild oats against the sunrise.Wild Oats (Website with watermark)