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This photo was taken just after I took “Little Beauty”. It is a little droplet of water on a leaf.Wattle, pencil pine, other flowers 041 web

Little Beauty

This little beauty was found among many others in one of our garden.Wattle, pencil pine, other flowers 030 web

Gum leaf

This gum leaf was innocently swaying in a light zephyr. I got down and sort of sat under the leaf and took the snap looking up.Wattle, pencil pine, other flowers 029 web

Cute little Jonquil


Imagine walking along and finding this little cutie of a flower. Would you pick it and put it in a vase on your dining room table or just have a quick look? Well, I had the camera around my neck so I decided to take a photo (typical me!). This little jonquil has a real “cute” appearance and amazing colour! It must have known that I was coming.Wattle, pencil pine, other flowers 022 web

Purple Delight

There is this beautiful plant in our garden. It has the most gorgeous violet flowers. We also have a white variety, but I like this variety best. This is the very first photo of this bush I have taken and it was the best!Wattle, pencil pine, other flowers 011 web