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Budding Easter Lily

I love shooting in the rain! (It’s Ok! Shooting pics with cameras!!) An Easter Lily Budding around Easter time. (I’m assuming that’s where its got its name!)rain drops on plants 025 web

Morning Landscape

About… lets say… 8am. Sun has risen, grass is green, clear blue sky… Perfect. ¬†One of our paddocks in March 14.Landscape 003 web

Pinky Perfect

I really like this one. It is a miniature rose after it has been raining. I think the pink goes very well with the green leafy backgroundrain drops on plants 010 web

Dead Wonder

A piece of dead wood… How interesting. Well… yes. I think it is. This snap was taken looking ‘up’ at a dead branch on a gum tree. Not certain but I think I had it on ‘portrait’ setting and then I set it to vivid.Dead Wood web