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Lonely Shroom

A single toadstool on our lawnToadstool and leaf! 004 lonely shroom

Specks of Light

This photo was taken in the late evening. It was around Christmas time so there were lot of pretty lights around. I lay on the ground on the grass and focused on the grass in front of me with the lights in the background. It made the lights which were further away very blurry. 4-1-14 Gum park 035 Specks of light

Out the way slow cars!

We went down and watch the Tour Down Under bike race go past at the end of our road and while we were  waiting for them, I shot (with the camera) this slow vehicle turnout sign.Tour down under goes past 005 website

Posing Grasshopper

A grasshopper on a rose petal. Pretty cool huh?Grasshopper 005 blog

Water Droplets

Water droplets on a rose leaf.rain drops web

Fresh White

A beautiful white flower at our  place.White flower website

Purple Agapanthus

A purple agapanthus in our gardenaggy (website)

Wild Oat Sunrise

This Shot was taken of the sunrise on Christmas Eve on our farm. It is a strand of wild oats against the sunrise.Wild Oats (Website with watermark)

Wood Shaving

Again at my friends house. he found it and we decided to take a photo of it. Not sure what it is, I think it is wood shaving. (someone I knew thought it was a cigarette butt!!)WoodCurl (Website(Watermark))

Red Colouring in Wine Glass

My friend set this up and took a photo and I just did the easy part of taking a photo myself, but I took it on a different angle with a different background and this is what it turned out to be, A wine glass with red food colouring in glass.

WineGlass (Website(Watermark))